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What does KHPG do and why do we need support?

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Free legal aid

In the second half of 2019 the public reception of KHPG provided 1870 consultations. Anybody can leave an application on our site, address us on Facebook, send a letter, call us or visit our office in Kharkiv in person and receive a consultation

Defending Ukrainians’ rights in court

Each year the lawyers of KHPG lead 230-240 cases in Ukrainian courts.
We win almost all of them

Representation in the European Court of Human Rights

As of 01.01.2020 our lawyers had filed 576 applications to the Strasbourg court, 142 cases were won and none was lost, the rest are pending. Approximately 80 cases are processed annually

Human Rights in Ukraine website

We write about human rights violations, including those resulting from Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and military conflict in Donbas. We provide news and analytical reports in both Ukrainian and English. Last year the website had over a million visitors

Helping those who are not helped by anybody else

KHPG carries out regular monitoring of penitentiary institutions, write about the violations found and provide legal assistance to prisoners

Library and other projects

Electronic library on human rights (1000+ books), online museum of dissident movement, the site of “Against Tortures” coalition, public education, — Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group supports these and other projects

Monitoring law-enforcement agencies

The Police, Security Service, anti-contribution investigators and other bodies have a tendency to abuse their authority if not kept under scrutiny. We ensure such monitoring through our website, as well as through the courts

More about KHPG

The current situation

The future of much of our work is currently in danger due to lack of resources. At a time of mounting rights violations in occupied Crimea and Donbas and with other infringements inevitable because of the pandemic and resulting economic crisis, we believe it is vital that we continue our work in full, but without funding, will be forced to significantly reduce our activities. With Russia systematically blocking information and freedom of speech in occupied Crimea, as well as in the areas of Donbas under its effective control, we are especially concerned to continue providing up-to-date information about violations in occupied parts of Ukraine, including the ever-mounting number of political prisoners.

Since we must remain freely available, and fully independent, we are reaching out to all who share our commitment to human rights and building a strong democratic and law-based country on all of Ukraine’s territory

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